Originally Circuit Circus gathers, in small screens, video loops I created in the las twenty years, those screens are the "Characters" of the circus.
The installation runs on many "raspberry pi" computers and in open source software.
The screen will be placed, inward, on a cylindrical structure so that the observer, will see the “Characters” inside the circus.

The Circus inner walls
Studying the place of the screens on the Circus wall. 
Estudiando la posición de las pantallas en las paredes de la instalación Cicuits Circus

Circuits Circus
Circos, intelectuales y payasos.
a book published by Universitat de Valencia 
Circo, lntelectuales y Payasos
Circuit Circus is volume n° 8 of the Series in Creativity and Research, administered by the Documentation Center of Contemporary Valencian Art of the University of -Valencia. Drawing from different aesthetic, artistic, political and philosophical perspectives, this book envisions the essay as an expansive expression of intellectual freedom and does so despite the reigning academic decadence that has instrumentalized the essay and reduced it to what academics call papers. Coordinated by Eduardo Subirats, the 16 authors who contribute to this collection of essays are linked by an itinerary of questioning and ethical commitment. Their essays cross different aspects of the social, political, literary or artistic reality of our day and are organized around three fundamental axes: the decomposition of our historical world, the need for protest in the face of the bureaucratization of intelligence, and the implementation of enlightened thinking as a programmatic alternative.

Two of my pages in the book

Working on the raspberry pi with Carrie and Bruno

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