Anita Pantin was born in Caracas, Venezuela and started her artistic career from an early age. At 13 she moved to Rome to learn classical drawing in a private studio. Pantin created visual art works, video, stage and costume design that were presented in Venezuela, Canada, Europe and USA, concert halls with both classical opera and contemporary composers. In the 90s Pantin moved to the United States and began collaborating with the ACTlab (Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory) at the University of Texas, Austin. There, her fascination for the expansion of art towards new ways of representation was realized through work in digital media, placing her in the vanguard of digital art in Venezuela. Since 2005 Pantin has been living in New York where she continues to develop different media techniques, always incorporating into her digital work the lightness of the trace, the chromatic contrasts that were part of her oil paintings, silkscreens, set and costume designs. Her video installations, VJing, were shown in BRIC Rotunda gallery, Monkey Town, and King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center in New York University, One Art Space. In 2009 Pantin was awarded The Venezuelan Artist Prize by the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).
Avila, mixmedia on canvas 1976, Galería de arte nacional, Caracas

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